Ota Suten Co., Ltd.

The only authentic vinegar brewer in the Tohoku region, dating back to the 1850s
appeal point
We transform sake into vinegar using a unique brewing process with no additives to give maximum scope to the natural vinegar flavors.
The traditional slow maturation method produces a wonderfully smooth acidic finish.
location 962-0001
4-2 Wakabayashi, Okanbara, Sukagawa-shi
Representative Minoru Ota, President and CEO
Sales representative
Makoto Ota
Established year Around 1850
Capital JPY 20 million number of employees 5
TEL 0248-72-0599 FAX 0248-72-2934
URL http://www.ota-suten.com/ E-mail ota-suten@aqua.ocn.ne.jp
Industry type Food products
Production process Research and planning | Design and development | Prototyping and small-lot production | Mass production | Production and retail
Certification / acquisition standard etc. Licensed unrefined sake (alcohol) production facility (Sukagawa Tax Office) Winner of the Sanjumaru Selection Award 2015 (rice vinegar, apple vinegar, and black rice vinegar)

Business contents

Major products Manufacture and distribution of brewed vinegars (rice vinegar, apple vinegar, black rice vinegar, and sake lees vinegar) and processed products (honey apple vinegar, black rice vinegar, ponzu sauce, sushi vinegar, and other vinegar)

Manufacture and distribution of enriched amazake (sweet sake)
Main facility outline
Bottle washer Shintaku Kogyo 400 bottles/h 1
Filling machine Shintaku Kogyo 1,000 bottles/h 1

Processing technology contents that I specialize

Processing technology content
Vinegar brewing that using authentic ingredients