Ikegaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

location 142-0041
41-2 Yokoyama-cho, Sukagawa-shi
Representative Representative Director & President Yasuo Ikegaki
Sales representative Sales Section
Katsuyoshi Tanaka
Established year April 1939
Capital JPY 10 million number of employees 28
TEL 0248-72-2181 FAX 0248-72-2180
URL http://www.ikegaki.com/ E-mail tanaka@ikegaki.com
Industry type Metal products
Production process Prototyping and small-lot production | Mass production | Component processing | Component assembly | Inspection and checking consultation
Processing Cans and sheet metal | Welding | Machining | Laser processing | Integration/mounting
Certification / acquisition standard etc. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

Business contents

Major products Precision sheet-metal processing (racks and tables for communications and imaging equipment, indoor and outdoor housings, etc.)
Main facility outline
Punching and laser combination machine, Amada, x1
Punching machine, Amada, x1
Bending machines, Amada, x4
Various welding machine (Amada)

Processing technology contents that I specialize

Processing technology content
Designs of precision sheet-metal products with the use of a 3D sheet-metal CAD system
Precision sheet-metal processing technology with the use of special sheet-metal machines
High-grade and trustworthy welding technology built up over the course of many years

Ikegaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director & President Yasuo Ikegaki

Representative message

Placing the priority on providing safety and peace of mind to our customers as a company certified with ISO9001 for quality and ISO14001 for the environment.