Musashino Industrial

location 962-0122
(Fukushima Plant) 1-6 Iri-daigakubo, Kinosaki, Sukagawa-shi
Representative Representative Director Tomomasa Kato
Sales representative Manufacturing & Sales Supervision Section Deputy General Manager
Established year July 1965
Capital JPY 95 million number of employees 128
TEL 0248-68-2882 FAX 0248-68-2113
URL E-mail
Industry type Plastic products
Production process Research and planning | Design and development | Prototyping and small-lot production | Mass production | Production and retail
Processing Other
Certification / acquisition standard etc. Quality assurance with an SGS company (company providing quality assurance on an international scale)

Business contents

Major products Food bags with high levels of oil-proofing and water-proofing provided by laminating thin food bags with polyethylene (used by fast food outlets, convenience stores, supermarkets)
Main facility outline
Laminator, Musashino Kikai x1 Bag-making machines, New IWASHO x22 Slitter x 1

Processing technology contents that I specialize

Processing technology content
We provide all aspects of productions, from arranging the raw materials to production, and we have full confidence in our cost-benefits, quality, and capacity.
We are part of the Unicom Group, and being part of this group of machine manufacturers enables us to develop and design products in accordance with requirements.

appeal point

Musashino Industrial
Representative Director Tomomasa Kato

Representative message

We have one of the largest production capacities in the field of food bag manufacturing in Japan, and we are proud of our stringent quality control system. We intend to strengthen our quality control system even further in the future to ensure that we provide safe and anxiety-free products to our customers in the future
We will also aim at becoming a company capable of suggesting designs, shapes, and functions for wrapping specific items to our customers.