Yamakawa Optics Lens Factory

location 962-0122
38-1 Futamata, Kinosaki, Sukagawa-shi
Representative Representative Director Teruo Yasuda
Sales representative
Established year April 1985
Capital JPY 3 million number of employees 7
TEL 0248-68-2211 FAX 0248-68-2424
URL http://www.shokokai.or.jp/07/073411S0036/index.htm E-mail yamakawakougakur.s.s@royal.ocn.ne.jp
Industry type Other
Production process Research and planning | Design and development | Prototyping and small-lot production | Mass production
Certification / acquisition standard etc. • Acquired authorization to manufacture and sell Class III medical equipment, and certified as industrial products by the city of Sukagawa (bag-type trial lens sets)

Business contents

Major products • Trial lenses, optical lenses, molded lenses (glasses-shaped), and others, cylindrical lenses
Main facility outline
CG processors x10, sand polishers x3, polishing machines x8 rounding machines x2, core removers x4, cylinder machines x2 processors x5, other x5, inspection devices x10

Processing technology contents that I specialize

Processing technology content
Trial lenses produced entirely in-house, from raw materials to completed articles. We accept high-variety, low-quantity orders. We can processes small and large cylindrical lenses, holed lenses, prisms, and other lenses.

appeal point

Yamakawa Optics Lens Factory
Representative Director Teruo Yasuda

Representative message

Leave your trial lenses up to us! We are one of the few trial lens manufacturers in Japan. We accept orders for assorted lenses from single quantities.